Based on unique, innovative and proprietary technology, CLIMATIC provides the industrial production company with new opportunities for effective control of air pollution, emitted into the environment and present in the work space.

CLIMATIC enables the production company adherence to regulatory air emission and air quality requirements.

CLIMATIC is easy and flexible to implement, demonstrating uncompromised CSR (corporate social responsibility), while maintaining existing production methodology.

CLIMATIC is offering a TCO (total cost of ownership) solution that alone will advocate it’s choice over traditional air cleaning technologies.

The award winning technology in CLIMATIC Solutions mimics natures own air cleaning properties centered around the hydroxyl radical, enhanced through the powerful catalytic decomposing process.

The Hydroxyl Radical

– the DNA of the CLIMATIC technology

The hydroxyl radical is the most important oxidant in the atmosphere, and it is responsible for breaking down and oxidizing gaseous pollution.

After reaction with a VOC (volatile organic compound) the reaction products are chemically and physically transformed such that they are much less volatile and much more water soluble.

The CLIMATIC UVR-WAC system is designed to take advantage of these changes of properties, such that after the oxidation by the OH radical in the UVR module, the by-products are captured and washed away in the WAC module.


The CLIMATIC modular system

The CLIMATIC system is a custom designable modular system, enabling virtually any pollution type and profile to be tackled. Whether a single production line or an entire factory hall, the CLIMATIC system can be adapted to suit the customer’s needs. The following standard modules are available:

This unit uses UV light to generate ozone and other reactive oxygen species which partially decompose pollutants. The products are less volatile and more water soluble than the original pollutants and can be captured in a particle filter or on a wet surface. The unit is suitable for tackling dilute emissions and high air flows.

The WAC module is designed to capture and break down by-products from the UVR module, such as ozone and semi oxidized species. At regular intervals, the catalyst beds are washed with water, thereby prolonging lifetime of the catalyst.

The unit uses a specially developed noble-metal catalyst designed to operate at low pressure drops and at temperatures between 250 and 400°C. The small footprint of the GEC unit makes this ideal for placing upstream in the production to tackle high concentration emissions at point source.

After the UVR treatment a substantial amount of aerosol particles has been created, which must be removed before the air can be emitted. The ESP module is especially designed for situations where the particle load is too high for the WAC module alone, and in such situations, an ESP module will be used inbetween the UVR and WAC modules. The ESP module contains a self-cleaning electrostatic precipitator specially designed to withstand the harsh environment directly following the UVR module.

To ensure proper operation, each module is equipped with an array of sensors. These sensors enable the units to respond to variations in the production cycle, such as extended periods of low emissions, by turning down the treatment intensity thereby saving energy and resources. The sensor readings are collected by the proprietary PLC system, enabling the factory to remote control and monitor each unit individually and to have live readouts of pollution data for internal and external use.

Our Work process – steps towards defining the optimal solution!

Working process

1. Analysis – air measurement campaign and analysis of air compound composition. Analysis of the production process, enabling CLIMATIC to implement a specific sequential cleaning process up-stream/as close to source as possible. Analysis performed by INFUSER or third party.

2. Design – involves engineering our standard boxes to fit into your connections in your manufacturing process layout.

3. Test – if required, we design, build and install a full-scale test unit, to verify method and technology.

4. Installation – we source, we build, we test, we deliver, we assemble, we commission and we document – any of our technology solutions at your production plant!

5. Service – we offer full service & maintenance of the installation, we monitor and report performance of the installation on a monthly basis throughout the term.


Working together with factory planners, INFUSER is able to optimize the CLIMATIC Clean Air System to meet ambitious emissions targets, often well below regulatory requirements.

CLIMATIC – less energy, less waste!

A major problem associated with standard air pollution control strategies is that they generate waste. The waste may be gaseous, solid or liquid, but is always high-maintenance, expensive and an environmental problem. The CLIMATIC system is designed to minimize waste:

  • Down to or less than 5% solid waste compared to traditional active carbon filters
  • Down to 0% gaseous waste compared to traditional combustion units
  • Down to or less than 5% water waste compared to traditional chemical scrubbers
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