Formaldehyde: Address a growing concern

Formaldehyde is one of the smallest VOCs and is a commonly used chemical in various industrial processes, in particular for polymerization processes, e.g. in foundries and wood processing plants. Formaldehyde is, however, a potent carcinogen and the emission threshold has in recent years been reduced, forcing production facilities to target this compound with greater emphasis than previously.

The CLIMATIC technology of INFUSER has been adapted to target formaldehyde emissions from such sources. The resulting solution may use either of the UVR or GEC technologies, depending on the production and emission profile. In many cases the CLIMATIC technology will prove far more cost effective and flexible than conventional technologies.

Formaldehyde efficacy

Infuser has through tests proven that CLIMATIC removes formaldehyde efficiently. We are now looking for a partner in the industry to apply the technology in an industrial setting. Should you be interested in partnering up with us to run commercial tests for and at your facilities, we look forward to hearing from you.

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