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Smooth and efficient operation

In CLIMATIC we take our customers seriously and have developed a partner philosophy, enabling a smooth operation of our units within the production process of our customers, with a very low downtime due to service and operational efficiency – We call this No disturbance.

CLIMATIC uses up only a few consumables and it has no moving mechanical parts.

This minimizes the need for service & maintenance as well as waste generation.

The recommended service interval is once every 12 months.

CLIMATIC is equipped with a scada system which includes various sensors, HMIs and PLCs. Together with our own developed software ™ we are able to monitor and control the unit for optimal operation. Furthermore, the software enables Climatic to predict future events such as service needs and optimizations.

Throughout the service and maintenance period, we monitor the operation of the CLIMATIC units as well as the air cleaning efficiency.
All data is collected through the Infuser SCADA system send to our monitoring unit located at our Infuser HQ. Here we are generating customer reports on a monthly basis, breaking down the efficiency data, service and potential repair events as well as data on the emission levels, which can be directly transferred to the authorities.

We believe strongly in quick and informative communication with our customers of all events, tests and reports.
CLIMATIC can be acquired through direct purchase or renting. Both options include:

  • Annual maintenance; including replacement of consumables
  • Regular service checks
  • Troubleshooting services
  • Performance monitoring
  • Condition monitoring

CLIMATIC is a non-disruptive solution to your operations which ensures that the units are
always well maintained, operational and functional to meet the emission standards.

CLIMATIC in operation

CLIMATIC units have been in operation for several years, removing a wide range of VOC emissions from different industries. As seen in the operational data below, its cleaning efficiency is quite stable and it copes well with the occasional high-peaks of VOC emissions; while maintaining a favorable Cost of Ownership.These installations are proof of CLIMATIC technology for future air cleaning solutions worldwide.

inlet and outlet VOC measures

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