Low OPEX, high convenience

CLIMATIC is a low-OPEX solution with minimum consumables, minimum waste and minimum need for service & maintenance. It does not disturb your operations and cleans your air at all times.

Minimum consumables, minimum waste

The only consumables used by CLIMATIC are the lamps and electricity for the lamps, catalysts and water. Though lamps and catalysts have a long lifetime, their replacement – when required- is included in the service. Generation of wastewater through the process is also minimal.

Continuous monitoring:

You can access on-time operational data anytime, anywhere. Some of the questions to which you can get immediate answers are:
– How are the pollution levels?
– How much energy is consumed?
– How well is the air cleaned?
– When will it be serviced next time?

The monthly performance monitoring reports aid in keeping records and making longterm optimizations.


CLIMATIC adjusts its cleaning intensity automatically. If the pollutant concentrations are high, CLIMATIC operates at a pre-defined high intensity; if the pollutant concentrations are low, it switches to low intensity; saving valuable energy.

Capacity expansion and any other modifications in your operations can be accommodated easily and quickly, thanks to our standard modular system.

Each treatment step can be customized to achieve an optimum balance between the overall removal efficiency and the costs.

It also offers sequential treatment, step-wise adjustments and overall optimisation, as per the requirement. i.e: if there is a high particle load, an ESP or a particle filter will be accommodated as an additional step in the sequential treatment.

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